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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Vacation in a Day

La Famille MoMP headed off to the New Hampshire Seacoast yesterday on a spur of the moments suggestion from Mark. We stopped for an hour for lunch at the Purple Onion in Newburyport, MA, before heading up Route 1-A towards Hampton. We skimmed past Salisbury Beach on our way out of the state, and from there, it's just a hop-skip to Hampton. We circled a few times, loking for parking, before finding a spot at the north end of the strip.

We decided to take him down to the beach first, and give him a little baptism in the Atlantic. He was enjoying the hell out of watching the beach volley ball games, and the bright umbrellas and towels in the breeze. We plopped him down on the sand, which I tested first for foot-searing heat. Oh! the sacrifices of parenthood. Felix liked the sand beneath his feet, so, we ambitiously headed closer to the high tide line, looking forward to the Kodak moment of Boy meets Ocean.
So much for that!
He did, however enjoy meeting his father's dinner at The Blue Claw in Portsmouth.
Technically, we did cross over into Maine in order to stop for new boots for Mark at the Kittery Trading Post, so three states in one day - not too shabby for a summer vacation, right?

It was just enough to hold us all over until we can take a proper vacation together.

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