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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ten Days in the Baby Cave

Ten days have passed in an ecstasy of breastfeeding and fontanel sniffing. I am spent. And high on the smell of my son's forehead.

Felix has been busy, learning about the traffic patterns outside his windows at 4 am, snoozing with me when we get a chance, between marathon feeding sessions while watching Nora Roberts movies on Lifetime, and developing a relationship with his diaper genie.

Yesterday, we went out to Worcester for the afternoon, stopping along the way to introduce Felix to my oldest friend, Katie, and her husband and son. They live along the route to my parents' house, and I'm always terrible about calling them, until yesterday. It was a rare treat to sit down with her, get to talk with her son, see her house... Then we went with my Mom to a small craft show. Felix slept through the whole thing - which is sort of his MO these days. When we got home, we had a visit with my dear friend Alta. Felix had a good long snooze (photo coming soon!) on her, which was very sweet to watch, and welcomed break for me.

Today, I put him in his sling, and spent two hours this morning helping Mark tame the yard - our tree recently dropped all its leaves. We also went to the grocery store and ran a load of laundry. Funny, I still feel like my house is a mess and I never get anything done...

We spent a busy Thanksgiving with both families, and Felix got to meet his great-grandparents (Grandmemere et Grandpepere, and Great Grandma G.), his Uncles Michael and Jason. His Great-Great Aunts Del and Anita, and then on to his Great Uncle Ron and Great Auntie Gail. It was a good day, but exhausting. I think I'm making a turkey next year. It actually sounds easier!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like a lot of relatives got to sniff that little fontanel over the holiday! There's nothing lovelier! Next year Felix will be a year old. Imagine. And likely more demanding! Hard to say which will be less difficult, travel or turkey! Every baby is different. Felix is a darling!!! Glad you are enjoying him so much. :O)

11/26/07, 6:51 PM  

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