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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

2005 Archives The Third

I'm hoping this will be the last installment... I'm sure you'll agree.

Time on my hands...


Why is it that when you have days and days of open time, you always seem to get less done?

The bottom fell out of my already teetering job situation last Friday, and the end result is that they let me go that day, with pay through today. Coincidentally, today is the day I'll be trekking off to the Mt. Wayte St. offices of the MA Division of Unemployment Services. Funfunfun.

So, I've been out of work a week, getting married a week from tomorrow, and I feel like I haven't done a damn thing. Very annoying.

Celebrations are in order however, as my old and dear friend, Ari Gottlieb, just announced his engagement to longtime sweetheart and live-in GF, Julia Johnson. Huzzah!

And another thing, why must the garbage collectors toss the lids of my garbage cans willy nilly across the lawn? ::Sigh::

Heard from long lost friend, Shauna Hill today - she reminded me to get my virtual ass on Friendster and pay attention to the baby blog. Ooops, the Mom;s on the phone. Later, 'taters!

So, I'm Married...

... and so far, I'm just annoyed we didn't do it sooner! We'd been engaged for 19 months!

All of you out there considering a long engagement, don't do it unless you have to. I can't even explain what I mean, I'm just so happy to BE married.

The wedding was brilliant! It was wonderful to be surrounded by all the people we love, and to have good food and drink, sassy tunes, and the obvious ridiculous scenes. Mark and I danced to Johnny Cash and Tom Waits, no one caught the bouquet; they forced my pal Diane - the youngest of the lot - to pick it up, and then my bridesmaid Tracy got engaged to her long time boyfriend and Mark's groomsman, Lex, while we were away on our honeymoon! My little brother's friend Chunk stole a street sign for Mark as a wedding gift. Several of my staid aunties and uncles got toasty and danced the night away - despite the oppressive heat!

Mark and I spent two weeks traveling. We went to Hawai'i, stopping in Honolulu, O'ahu, and Lahaina, Maui, for ten days. We ended our trip with four days in San Francisco, CA. It was amazing. I can't even talk about it.

Now we're back and faced with the daunting task of dealing with all of our new stuff all over the house, and all of our old stuff still in boxes from the move. I'm off from my new job this week - paid this time, and I'm planning on painting our bedroom and the half bath off the kitchen - FUN.

Beacause 2005 is the year we're poor, Mark also bought a new truck this past week. It's enormous! A Nissan Titan. By the time the lumber/ladder rack and the cap are on it, it's going to be bigger than our driveway!

On the job front, I've been at the new/old job for three weeks, and I have this odd feeling of being back where I belong. The new baby is so cute and so sweet, and the big kids are great - of course they've also been out of town for the month at theirgrandparents' NH house - easy!

I've been rambling today. Partially because it's been a while and a lot's happened, and partially because I've been watching foodtv and not really paying attention. Now I have to start my projects for the day: washing tile floors, and doing laundry!


Bad things come in threes...

I guess that even in a year as amazing as this one has been (to recap for those who don't chat me up regularly: we bought a house, got married, and then I went back to my fabulous Beacon Hill job!), a little proverbial rain must fall....

So, it turns out that when racking abdominal pain wakes you up in the night twice in a week, it can be indicative of larger health concerns... When it happened for the second time, my husband packed me into the car at 3:15 AM and headed off to the local ER. After a full battery of insults, including but not limited to blood samples, an ultrasound, and intravenous Zantac (to which we learned I'm allergic!), they discovered that my poor little gall bladder is full of stones, and thus must be removed. A week before that, I was a in a fender-bender, and a week after that I had the first migraine attack I'd had in the last few years.




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