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Friday, November 24, 2006

Brasserie MoMP Starts Production!

Ah, the day after Thanksgiving. While, just three scant miles from my house, thousands of lathered shoppers lined up outside stores at 5AM, I slept in a little, then came downstairs to pay some bills online and do a few dishes. I made a grocery list, and started a pot of chicken stock.
From Brasserie MoMP
I made some veggie stew, and then got myself dressed 'round noon.

I interviewed a prospective Middlebury student (ED1 applications are complete as of 11/28) at the Starbucks near my house (need to file my report on him - like now!), and then hit Trader Joe's (by the by, Fibby, those Candy Cane JoJo's are really good!)

Home again, home again with groceries galore, to start baking the sticky buns
From Brasserie MoMP
From Brasserie MoMP
for Day-After-OysterFestivus, as well as some white bread
From Brasserie MoMP
for sandwiches and french toast. Tomorrow I'll put together a big pot of Bolognese sauce and a beef stew, and maybe roast a pork loin in Chinese red rub for wonton soup... I love the holidays!

I did miss out on some spectacular early bird shopping experiences at Kohl's and Macy's, but since my Christmas shopping is mostly done already (yay for the Internets!), I guess I don't have to cry in the night too much about it.

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