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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Vermont State Craft Fair Road Trip, Day Two

I slept well and slept in! Amazing! Asleep before 11 and up at 8, with no alarm clocks. ::sigh::

After a shower and the lovely continental breakfast at the Comfort Inn, we headed over to the craft show, where we got down to buying business. Personally, I didn't shop so much this year, but I did make a few choice purchases:

For my MiL, 4 refrigerator magnets for her collection from House Mouse Designs.
For us, some spice rubs and mixes from Halladay's Harvest Barn.
For me, yarn from Jamie Harmon, who handspins and dyes in Jericho, VT, and I left a very cool vodka bottle with Chris Jeffrey, who fuses glass, and makes really cool novelty platters out of glass bottles. I'll show it off when it comes back to me, promise!

Mom shopped more...

We left Burlington heading south on I-89 around 2, and by 3:15 we were pulling into the parking lot at King Arthur Flour. We did some more shopping there, grabbed a meal we dubbed "tea," since we were eating half sandwiches and small pastries at 4 in the afternoon. The lemon tartlets at the store bakery counter are scrumptious!

Home again to Mom's house, then into my VW and home to Framingham. Mark and I celebrated my triumphant return with a trip to Oishii, Too, for sashimi and seaweed salads.

Good weekend!

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