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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bad Dog; Good Morning

Amelie began the morning at 5:50, when she started barking to be let out of her crate. This is not something we encourage, but it's proving difficult to find a good preventative strategy. Sometime between 6:35 and 6:50, she half swallowed a twist tie, which, with great dexterity, she removed from the TV cabinet. We use the twist ties around the knobs, to keep her out of the DVD player, etc... Serves us right, I guess. Mark extracted the twist tie, and came upstairs to let me know that the DVD/canine security system had been breached. In the three minutes he was upstairs, she pooped on the dining room floor. She hasn't done that since the first week she was home.


On the other hand, I got to see my favorite view of Boston this morning. Sadly, we were traveling at 55 MPH in heavy volume, so taking pictures would have been wholly irresponsible. As you come in on I90 there's a banking curve that follows the curve of the Charles, and the city rises up out of the trees that line the river. When the spring/summer morning light is right, the city is shrouded in mist and the light filters through the trees by the river.


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