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Friday, December 07, 2007

Week in Review

Since Monday, a rhythm has surfaced to our days at home. Felix is, as defined for someone his age, sleeping through the night. By this, I mean that he goes to sleep around midnight and only wakes once between 12 and 6. I feel human! He can also be counted on to nap (ie: alone, in his crib or bassinet) for 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon, along with all the other baby-related dozing in arms or slings or in the baby-papasan. This has meant a shocking amount of cleaning and organizing has gone on around the house.

We've ventured out to the library, to the mall, to the post office, to drop off some stuff at the Salvation Army, gotten gas, gone to the bank... He's really becoming a functional member of the household, in his way. Hooray! Now, if he'll only let me get some more Christmas knitting done. Some folks may be getting IOUs this year. Having a baby six weeks before Christmas can be taxing on a gal's knitting mojo.

The dogs continue to be neurotic and weird, but not at all hostile towards the baby, which gives me hope. They've taken to eating things like dog beds and cushions, and Maurice still enjoys rabbit droppings in the yard when he can find them. Yuck!

We'll kick off the holiday season this weekend with a couple of friends and more than a few oysters, a far cry from some of the parties we've thrown, but I hope everyone would understand the need to scale it back this year. I suppose, in years to come, it will evolve into a more family friendly affair, but we'll see about that as the year goes by.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooooh Maurice!!! Bunny Glossets are not good for your tum! Baby Felix is such a good little fellow! Great that you are feeling human already. :O) samm

12/8/07, 3:54 PM  

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