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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Boston Children's Museum

Friday morning, the boys and I took an adventure southbound on the Red Line to South Station, and walked to Fort Point and the Children's Museum. I hadn't been since before the renovations, so I was kind of excited to see the new exhibits and the new homes for my old favorites. We had a grand time on the T, and enjoyed the Museum, though our time there was brief. We had a good lunch at ABP, and headed home again for naps. I think the photos tell the story better than I do.

O tries out the golf ball raceways.

The bubble cylinder.

Felix in Arthur's Camp Out Tent

Felix in the toddler water table.

O taking another kid for a "ride" in the car.

Felix playing trucks in the Construction Zone.

O takes a rest on the rope bridge.

After lunch, O shares his Hoodsie Cup with Felix while they watch the barges.



Blogger brushfiremedia said...

Nice sharing in that last pic!

11/19/08, 8:21 AM  

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