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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shoes of My Heart

Fibby asked about my favorite all time pair of shoes. Then, she posted about hers, and it got me thinking. Like her, I had a long love affair with a pair of Docs. They were black cherry, distressed, 9 hole boots, and I wore the hell out of them in college and kept wearing them for a while after. I can't actually remember where I bought them or when I finally gave up on them, but they were so there for me.

But the favorite shoe? The one that still makes my heart flutter? The pair of shoes that lit up my face, made me feel sassy and confident and, did I mention, tall? I shed a few tears when I retired them. Alas, they were hopeless dated, never mind that getting pregnant flattened my 10's to 10 1/2's... I gave them to the Salvation Army, hoping that their faded glory might live on as someone's fabulous costume find.

Aldo, circa 1997, Harvard Square: I was spending the days with some girlfriends from college over perhaps Christmas break(?) of junior year. We went in to look for shoes for Becs, I think, but I came out with the most expensive pair of party shoes I'd ever bought. Red damask platform sandals, which gave me a towering 4.5" of extra height, bringing me to just under 6'. Serious shoes, people.

I wore them anytime I could think of an excuse, long before red shoes became a kind of neutral. In order to properly blog about them, I dug out and scanned in a photo from the dark ages of 1997. This is me, wearing my shoes, and pouring myself an industrial sized cocktail while pre-partying before Winter Carnival Ball.

Good. Times. Great. Shoes.



Anonymous Tara said...

Loved the Docs and those red ones!, glorious shoes!

11/17/08, 9:06 AM  

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