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Friday, November 07, 2008

Ellipticals Come to Those Who Take Up Their Own Cause!

There are a million ways to spin the idea that if you are bold, the universe rewards you. I like to think that the universe rewards courageous acts, but how you define courage is as personal as religion or politics.

Well, I have been courageous in my small way. I have decided to love myself again.

What in blue blazes does all this have to do with elliptical trainers, you ask?

When I was younger and single, before mortgages and the price of heating oil going through the roof, and too stupid to notice I wasn't getting enough sleep, I would haul my cookies off to Mike's Gym in Medford at least three mornings a week for a 5:15 session on an elliptical trainer. I love them! Easy on my knees and ankles, challenging, and effective! I tones up fast and lost a fair amount of weight. I stayed motivated for years on that thing. Sometimes I would even hit the elliptical for an extra 45 minutes after my Sunday yoga class.

Then, gradually, job, husband and child, suburban commute and finances conspired to rid me of my gym membership, and my will to go to the gym along with it.

Well, yesterday I bought a stability ball, since I like sitting on them, and when used properly they're supposed to be great for your core. I've got a bunch of exercises for it from a book I bought, and I got to thinking, if only I had an elliptical. Then I'd have more motivation to do some cardio, too.

What do you know, Mrs. Boss came home a few nights ago and announced that her new elliptical would be delivered by week's end. With my ball coming, too, I've got the tools right here at the "office." Felix even has a reliable nap schedule, so I know I can get that workout in - a big improvement over the chaos of the last year.

Time to buy a new sports bra, I think!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!! I love my elliptical gizmo. I have mine down in the family room where I can watch tv and run the miles. :) They do work well for losing the pounds and toning up, don't they! I'll be thinking about you as I run on mine tonight. :) samm

11/7/08, 5:17 PM  

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