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Monday, November 03, 2008

Candy! Candy! Candy!

My little ghoulies are funny about food. They are also funny about treats. They don't like cake, but they do like frosting. They don't like brownies, or cookies for the most part. They like vanilla and cookie dough ice cream, and lemon sorbet, but few other flavors. They like Hershey Bars and Skittles, but not Reese's or Snickers...

Hallowe'en becomes a minefield for me. The kids all collect their candy, then sit down afterwards and have a trading session that blends Wall Street ferocity and UN diplomacy into a sugar crash inducing summit. What's left at the end, is a bag for each child containing their favorite candy, and a bowl of discards for the adults to eat. Only, the "discards" are peanut butter cups and Snickers and Milk Duds galore!


So, for my part, I must set some limits and remember that a Snickers bar doesn't necessarily make me feel better, even when it feels like it does.

As to the ghoulies, for these first few days following Trick or Treat, they can have their candy with reasonably tempered abandon, and then, as the bloom comes off the rose, we'll ration it out more and more.

What do you know? Moderation....

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