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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Labor Day

Yes, I know. Labor Day was ages back. Well, here I am finally uploading my pictures and blogging them. Ours was a quiet holiday weekend. We spent it with our families, for the most part.

Felix met three of his small cousins (ok, he's met two of them, but he was like a month old... it doesn't count), swam in Memere's pool, and mugged for the camera. It was all good.

Here he is with Rylee and Ayden, my brother's kids. They came up from PA to see my parents for a long weekend. My mom was also taking pictures, so that's why no one is looking directly at the camera.

Ayden is a little less than seven months younger than Felix, and it makes such a difference. I almost forgot that Felix was that small at one point...

Two days later we went down to Memere's for a last dip in the pool before it was closed for the season. Felix broke out his swimsuit and floatie and he and Memere swam like fishies. I swear that $3 floatie from WalMart was probably the best toy he got all summer!

After the swim, there was chowder and clam cakes for all, as well as a visit from second cousin Matejah, who's nine months older and about the same size. Our Felix is not a dainty creature! They grabbed at each other, made each other laugh - all the usual baby antics.

It's nice that he's going to grow up with cousins who are of a similar age. I did, and it makes for super fun family outings now that we're all adults!

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