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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Florence Street Reunion

A few weeks ago, some friends of ours, originating with one of Mark's close friendships from college, were back East from Arizona for a few weeks, so we gathered up a bunch of folks, all from Mark's college crew, now including spouses and, in some cases, offspring, and had ourselves a big ol' party in Cambridge. Here's some of what happened:

Felix and Kaia play in the pool.

Felix likes him some #9

Felix and Odin

Odin teaches Felix the finer points of map reading.

Checking stuff out with Uncle Tracy

It was a great afternoon/evening, and it was nice to get everyone together. If only life didn't get in the way, we'd all do it more often.... and then maybe I'd get Justin, Lex, and Nikki into some of the shots. Also, if Kaia had been wearing more clothes, I might have more pictures of her to post, but she was mostly nekkid, so there you go.



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