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Friday, August 22, 2008

Felix Goes (Back) to Hampton

Beach mohawks are going to be very in next summer. Felix introduced the style to the New Hampshire seacoast late last month.
Note that Buddha belly. My boy doesn't miss many meals!

Here he is admiring low tide from the safety of Memere's lap.
But ultimately, the ocean is still too much for him...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I miss a few days and you've posted lots! I love the new haircut on the boy. :) And what a sweetie he is! O reminds me of my grandson who can be very dapper, and who used to wear his Bob the Builder hard hat every single day everywhere he went, from age three to five. :) I think the ocean is a wee bit large for Felix,belly and all. He's wonderful. Thanks for sharing photos! samm

8/25/08, 4:22 PM  

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