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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Women Do A Lot in a Day

Bonnie Hunt said that on her talk show this morning. I like her. I DVRed it. So shoot me.

It's true. Not that men don't. Not that all women do, either. This isn't about gender. Really. It's about me.

Here's my yesterday:

5:20AM: wake up, nurse baby, doze in bed with baby until alarm goes off
6:15: get up, wash, brush, moisturize, dress, dress baby, crate retriever, and leave for work at
7:00: commute 23 miles to parking garage in Beacon Hill
7:55: lock car, walk approx. 6 blocks to work
8:00: set Felix up with toys, make breakfast for Felix and me, get Felix and O pottied, fed, dressed before playdate
10:15: leave for playground
10:30: arrive at playground. Everyone else is late...
11:20: Depart playground, walk to car parked a half mile away
11:35: pull out of parking space, both boys and the stroller safely stowed
12:00PM: sit in carpool line at big kids' school in Chestnut Hill
12:10: big kids pile into car, we leave for Finagle A Bagel to grab lunch
12:35: Bagels in hand, head back to Beacon Hill
1:05: park car near preschool, run O inside 20 minutes late
1:15: park car, walk up the street to the house, squeeze in a rest, a snack, and some playtime for Felix
3:00: walk back to car to bring E to Newton for dance class
3:25: arrive at dance studio, get E's shoes adjusted before class
3:35: leave for Beacon Hill to pick O up at preschool
4:00: take O for ice cream before picking up infant Motrin and leaving again for Newton
5:10: after fighting rush hour traffic, get E from dance, get back in the car
5:20: leave for Beacon Hill
6:10: park the car, go inside, make dinner and tidy up, load dishwasher and start laundry
7:10: pack out of Beacon Hill
7:20: leave parking garage, drive 23 miles home
8:00: deposit Felix with Mark while I make dinner
8:20: shovel dinner in while watching DVRed The Soup
8:50: take Felix upstairs for jammies, stories, nursing and bed
9:25: wash, brush, jammy and fall into bed
10:00: lights out!



Blogger Heather said...

Yipes. Four kiddos are a lot harder than two I guess!

9/25/08, 8:19 PM  
Blogger brushfiremedia said...

I am certain that I would commit infanticide, homicide, or wife-icide by the end of that day, momp.

9/26/08, 8:08 PM  

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