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Friday, February 05, 2010

My Cherie Amour: A Knitting Project and some Stevie Wonder

It's a sweater. I got carried away, but if you want to sing along, click on the post title for the first 1:30. Ah, Stevie...

Once upon a time, when I was pregnant (why I thought it would be good idea to knit a sweater, while pregnant, for my non-pregnant self, I'll never know), I knit this sweater. Ugh! It has sat undisturbed in my closet for almost three years. It's about $100 worth of really high quality Japanese handpainted yarn. Quel waste!

So onto the needles with this sassy little number.

Here's hoping it's a better use of the yarn!

photo is from, saved to my drive
credit: Monty Moncrief



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty sweater! I think it will be one you'll wear. :) samm

2/15/10, 3:16 PM  

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