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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Monday Musings

Originally published on Friendster Blogs on 1/23/06

The weather in Boston sucks today. Snow, mix, rain, it's chilly and raw. One of those days when you can't get your toes all the way warm, and it's not even super cold out... Or am I the only one who has those days?

It was a busy, and yet frivolous weekend for this nanny. I went to my weight watchers meeting, where I met with promising news on the scale, interviewed a prospective Middlebury student, and then went bra shopping with my Mom in Providence (they have Nordstrom. I love Nordstrom). Sunday morning Mark and I went to Bickford's for breakfast - desperate measures in suburbia! Then it was housework for a few hours before heading into Boston for bridesmaid dress hunting with Veronique. We went to Aria Bridesmaids, and I think some decisions were made. She's so organized.... I'm jealous.

In other news, Maurice continues to thrive. He has a small issue with his dog bed. To put it bluntly, he thinks it's a pee pad. Even if he's just had a huge trip out, and I'm sure he's empty, he takes one look at that dog bed and pees all over it. So, I've had to take it away. Sad, too, since it's a nice bed from LLBean... I guess even the perfect pug has a flaw or two ::wink::

In upcoming installments, I will be recounting our adventures in plaster. Mark and I are going to plaster the walls and ceiling in our dining room, bringing us one step closer to done... Wish us luck!

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