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Monday, March 13, 2006

More knitting!

I haven't got anything interesting going on right now. Only that I was so excited to have my car back that I was PSYCHED to be on traffic on the Pike this morning. Pathetic.

In knitting news, however, I started my Magic Scarf, using my loverly Takumi #8 bamboo needles and a skein of hand spun, hand dyed yarn from my Aunt Nan in Mio, Michigan. I have another skein; maybe I can make an Easy Roll Brim Hat?
The best part about this new project is all the help I'm getting from Maurice. He's really diggin' on the hand spun yarn. It still smells like sheep, I'm sure. (Pugs love to help, and they love the smell of the sheep - knitting is the BEST!)
Another cool thing is that while the yarn itself is kind of scratchy, but it knits up, it's fairly soft. Bonus!

My afghan is coming along. I knitted like a wee fiend yesterday and today, and got more than twenty rows done. Maybe I'll even get it done by Easter...



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