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Friday, March 10, 2006

What Is Idle Prattle For?

Woe is me!

My iBook's batteries were dead on the train this morning. I had George Lucasesque plans for a conclusion to my "Real Commuters Blog on the Train" series. It was gonna be great. I was thinking about getting some of my fellow commuters to dress like Ewoks.

Maybe on the way home?

My car will be home tonight! My Precious VW will be good as new. I'm even inspired to take advantage of the impending warm snap and .... WASH MY CAR! I know. You're shocked. If you've ever been inside my car, you know it's a hole. I have a secret trash problem. I toss all trash onto the floor of the backseat. When I cleaned it out before taking it to Maaco, I found three latte cups from Starbucks, two cores from what may have once been apples or pears, reciepts from gas and groceries dating from the Iron Age (or Before We Bought the House), and a bag full of miscellaneous fast food containers, including a Cinnabon box from our trip to Bar Harbor, ME, to bring Maurice home. ("Memories... In the corner of my mind...."). I'm contemplating a full Windex and Armor-All Fest. Odds are about four zillion to one that I will blog instead of washing my car. If you care to place a wager, I'm sure someone who knows about gambling can set that up.

So, earlier today Baby O figured out how to get the Banana Crackers out of the box. Commence snacking! Banana crackers are a Gerber toddler snack that dissolve upon contact with saliva, thus making them safer for the newly self-feeding, and when this unholy union of cracker and saliva dries, it forms a bond that rivals SuperGlue, rendering garments unwearable due to a crust of dried Banana Cracker and Dust Cattle. I'm psyched for the clean up....

What does it say about my mental state today that I let him make a spectacular mess out of crackers, and didn't care a whit? He was happy, and he's been cranky all morning, so if this mischief will bought a few minutes of not carrying him around frantically bouncing my left hip and humming, so be it.

T-minus 7 days until my rockin' trip to the metro-Cleveland area. I really can't wait to hang with JZ. She's the wonderfulest. She's so wonderful, I don't even mind getting up at 3AM in order to make my flight!

Seeing as how it's one of those steely gray days, damp and not as warm as you want it to be, that remind you why you hate early spring in Boston, I'm going to curl up with a trashy novel involving a pirate and an English widow and wish for some Calgon to Take Me Away.


Blogger Rian said...

Dahling. You're blog is too precious to be ruined by a Lucasesque ending. That would mean you would lose track of all character and narrative development in favor of cgi bottles, cgi diapers, previously-unheard-of species of animal crackers, and simple overall length.

Stick to the RubySu we know and love. Redeem us all.

3/10/06, 3:11 PM  

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