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Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, O!

Baby O is a baby no more. At least on paper. He turns one year old today. He got his first real haircut over the weekend, and his carseat now faces forward. That's more milestones than you get on most birthdays...

I have to confess, I'm a little sad about the haircut. There's something very... grownup? about the angles and clean lines of a little boy's haircut. You see a ghost of the man they'll be in their face, cleared of wispy baby hair. I swear even the texture is different - though that is more likely attributed to the layering of the cut than to some cosmic shift in his age... I guess I'm being maudlin in a maternal way.

Of note, MOMP will be takin' it to the streets of Rocky River, Ohio come the 18th, to visit La Diva JZ in her politically charged home outside of Cleveland. "Who takes a Spring Break long weekend in Cleveland?" you might ask.. "I do," say I.

My VW is in the shop this week, having a little facelift from the unfortunate incidents in August and February, so I'm stuck relying on the kindness of my husband and the ever so friendly and timely folks at the MBTA Commuter Rail. ::sigh:: Our driveway looks empty.

Lastly, the painting project in the DR has begun. I primed everything on Saturday, and Mark plans to install trim and beadboard wainscoting while he working at home this week. Hopefully, I'll be set up to do the final coats of paint on the walls and trim over the remainder of my Spring Break. We might actually get the DR done by the anniversary of our move-in day! Whenever we get it done (which, of course, excludes the bamboo flooring, since that has to wait for more rooms to be remodeled), there will be before and after pictures. It's kind of staggering...


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