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Thursday, February 23, 2006

More Mixes Avoid the Axe; or How I Spend O's Naps

Here they are:

GrandMaster Sketch - Happy Holidays, You Sexy Thing! (11 Dec. 1998): a playlist created by myself, Liz Fabian and Lizzie Herman for our Christmas Party in the Hadley Link senior year. Definite thematic content here.

Oh, THAT Mix? (May 1996): A mix made by a few gals on my floor to sort of sum up the tomfoolery of freshman year on Battell Second Floor Center. Absolutely no thematic content. Note the "Les Mis" track, and the selection from Disney's "Aladdin."

Yseult's Bouyaka Mix (May 1996): This one is solely the creation of my beloved freshman year roommate. She's a funky, fabulous creature, and this mix says much about her. It also says nothing at all about her. Wrap your head around that!

And thanks to N for directing me to the script that makes the playlists so pretty. I kept wondering how R was doing that...



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