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Friday, February 17, 2006

I'm very scattered.

I have spent my morning IMing with various friends, and I'm afraid that the bulk of my mental energy was taken up by that.... I also woke up thinking it was Saturday. It wasn't fun to realize it was Friday, I had work, and I had to walk the dog up to the ATM for cash to pay the dogwalker.

Then I had to pay bills because I got paid. The left hand pays out what the right hand receives. Maybe I'll win $140 million dollars tonight, quit this crazy blog, and get one on LiveJournal.

I'm just kidding. I'd have to buy a ticket.

No food dreams last night. I was hoping for mascarpone and cocoa, then I could have been tiramisu.... mmmmm, ::drooling:: Tiramisu..... (Everyone needs a Homer moment every now and again...)

A quick prayer to the Bridal Gods: may VJ-S and JB not be trampled by rabid bridezillas at Filene's today.

O's still under the weather. We're officially on EarAche Watch. He's sleeping now, and I was hoping to get to Whole Foods before I have to pick the big kids up, but it's raining now, and the weather is supposed to take a turn for the worse later in the day. I need stuff for tonight's jambalaya...

I just checked my dashboard (sorry, non OSX users...) and my haiku generator gave me the following:

noisy spoiled brats
forgetting why they were there
what a wasteful mess

Sometimes the truth appears from nowhere in a random haiku generator, and sometimes a danish looks like Mother Theresa. Mark asked me a couple of weeks ago if a hunk of dried plaster he was throwing away bore any resemblence to Jesus. He was looking for some easy money on eBay. If I had seen anything, you bet your ass we would have put that sucker up for auction! But getting back to the haiku, I'm just impressed by the relevance to my work environment this week. Excepting O, of course. He's perfect!

I'm very scattered.



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