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Monday, February 06, 2006

The mind of a 7 year old boy is a mystery.

I suppose everyone with a "parental" relationship with a child despises at least one of that child's friends... Right?

Big Brother J has a friend, to whom we will refer as Spoiled Brat (SB for short), and SB makes my skin crawl. He's a year older, which at 7 and 8 makes a significant difference. He's given almost everything he wants, has very few limits at home, and no manners to speak of. As you might imagine, this frustrates the hell out of me, since my daily work life is a constant uphill battle to instill some basic sense of propriety in my J, E, & O. He doesn't seem to feel that the house rules here apply to him, and he's nonchalantly disinterested in reprimands. He's quick to find fault with everyone, adults included, and asks uncomfortable questions, like asking J, "are you giving me a Christmas present?"

What 7 year old thinks to give anyone a Christmas present without some adult guidance? And make no mistake, SB was fishing for something like a DVD or a GameBoy game. Obnoxious!

Ugh. He's here with no known time of departure. This kid makes me a fan of military boarding school of second graders. He seems to feel entitled to everything that anyone else has; for example, my puppy. One time I brought Maurice here for the day, and SB saw him at the bus stop, and now SB feels that he can demand that I bring Maurice any day that he wants a puppy to play with. Did I mention he has a pug? A 7 year old pug who's awesome! When I pointed that out, he said, "but I didn't know him when he was cute. That's different." Poor old pugger... He comes over here for "playdates," and he ends up using either J's GameBoy or E's Leapster unless I forbid them, and he's disdainful of the movies the kids want to watch or the games the kids want to play.

Makes me wonder what J sees in him? The mind of a 7 year old boy is a mystery.



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