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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's Like Freakin' Sweet Valley High!

So, I've got an in with the Cool Moms!

How insanely middle school do I sound? E got invited to have lunch with all the pre-K girls at B--&M--- School and I got to chat with one of the Cool Moms! They all congregate together at the Finagle A Bagle near the school for lunches, they all have playdates amongst their kids, and E & I are often forgotten because they don't know me, and I'm sometimes too shy (because I'm just the nanny....) to butt in on their Cool Mom Convos.

Well, those days are over!

If I weren't married to my man, I'd assume he was going to call me and ask me to the friggin' prom! Woohoo!

Time to head back into the fictional version of the tough streets of LA. We DVR The Shield...

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