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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bluemouth Baby O

I already posted once today... but the mishaps of this workplace are too good not to share!

Demon Barber E, Baby O & I just back from the bus stop, and O&E were in the playroom while I fixed a bottle for O. Suddenly, I hear, "C-, Come in here! Now!"

I go running in to see that O has something blue in his mouth.

no... something blue coming out of his mouth. I ask E what he got into? She shrugs. I pick him up, mentally rehearsing a conversation with Poison Control. We go to the kitchen, where I sweep out his mouth. Meanwhile, blue goo is spewing from his mouth, like he popped one of those Hollywood blood capsules. He seems unconcerned, except that I'm fingersweeping his mouth.

What I find is the oval of blue watercolor paint from E's paint set, which has come loose and is now dissolving in O's mouth. Good lord, the craft box is TOTALLY my enemy!

He's now all cleaned up, and getting ready for a nap. Maybe I should just go work at Target.



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