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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Demon Barber of Lime Street

Originally published on Friendster Blogs on 1/25/06

Oh, that this week would end!

The misery of this week began with the baby learning to climb stairs (which actually happened last week or the week before). So, his Nana is visiting, and we both thought he was in the playroom with his sister... well, he's actually crawling his way up the stairs to the next floors. We only learned this when he tumbled down three of the aforementioned stairs! He was fine, a little scared, but I seriously think his Nana and I each lost a year off our lives....

Then, the next day, he got into a cabinet in the kitchen that usually holds small pots and pans, stuff he can play with. I guess it now holds the pods for the new coffee machine. He bit into an espresso pod, got grounds all over his face, and pooped espresso grounds for a day and a half. Eeek.

Ladies and gents, it's only Wednesday, and this afternoon comes the title event. Four year old E had a friend over to play. She and her friend, L, were playing in the "secret room, " (actually a small alcove under the stairs). They came out for a snack and I asked what they'd been doing. E says they were playing doctor and animal doctor (vet). L says, "and beauty salon." I think that's cute, and give them their snack. Some time later, L's nanny, R, goes in to help the girls clean up in the alcove. I'm getting the baby ready to head outside, and I hear R say, "whose hair is this?!"

"Whose hair is this?"

Can you just hear it echoing in my brain?

Yep. You guessed it. E had hacked off a 6 inch hank of L's hair with a pair of child sized safety scissors from her craft box.

R was angry. L was sad. E was unrepentent.


I also had the urge to laugh out loud. Luckily, I curbed the impulse until I was in my car driving home tonight.

My husband is plastering our dining room as I type. I haven't really seen him in days due to this current remodeling phase. The dog and I are threatening to put our bowls on our heads and run away. But the dining room is looking better (if you ignore the general air of disaster!)

In bloggy news, a lawyer friend of mine has a baby blog on LiveJournal. Go read it:

Good dogs.



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