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Monday, January 30, 2006

From Fight Club to Game Boy and Concerning Neither

My tiny humans are well today.

It's gray and drizzly out - I'm not looking forward to the bus stop run for J&E. The town house has become a minimum security facility for babies since I left on Friday. New gates up at every stair, since O's hell bent on reenacting the stairwell scene from Fight Club. Ooops, the first rule of fight club is....

He's kneeling on the floor now, bottle in one hand, tilted back, swigging from his formula, hair rakishly touseled, grinning up at me, even with the bottle in his mouth. Lord, this child cracks me up. Everyone says you never love another child as much as your own children; if that's true, then my heart may explode with motherhood.

We took Maurice to Callahan State Park twice this weekend; both were very memorable events. On Saturday it was just Maurice and I, and we met two other pugs, the first two he's seen since he left Bar Harbor to come home with us. On Sunday, we brought Mark, and we wore him out. Maurice has a lot of energy for a little guy. Towards the end of our visit, we were in the social field area near the pond, and we met a bitch Mastiff named Belle. To see our 9 pound pug frolicking with well over a hundred pounds of bouncy Mastiff was HILARIOUS! It looked a little something like this.

J lost his GameBoy privileges for the whole week - I'm anticipating a battle royal this afternoon, when he realizes that the Right Hand and the Left Hand are in constant contact and mostly know what the other is doing... ::sigh::

Time to suit O up and head out. Will the bus come at 3:30? 4:00? It's always a gamble when you combine a bus driver, downtown Boston traffic (which incidentally was horrible this morning), and a baker's dozen kids between the ages of 4 and 14....



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