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Friday, January 27, 2006

Would you take her on in a dark alley?

I was archiving my photos (because my computer needs the space back, and I've gone too long without backing up), and stumbled upon this gem!

This is The Demon Barber E.

Normally, I wouldn't share photos of the kids, since I like to keep them anonymous to the general public, but since you can't actually identify her, I'm not concerned. She has a spectacularly deep imagination! On this particular adventure, she was Captain Hook, and when I asked about her pirate hat, she said, "Oh! I'll go get it!" and ran off into the playroom. She came back with the PowerRanger mask on and I just about died.

I couldn't breathe! I was laughing so hard, and she was unfazed. "It's a great pirate hat," she says. I did manage to pull it together enough to snap a photo.

Had my annual physical today. Other than the pressing need to lose the First Anniversary 25, I have a clean bill of health. My new physician, Dr. Rich, seems really nice. Considering that I've lost two previous physicians in this practice to fellowships and moves, the fact that the newest replacement is equally as cool as the other two is pretty impressive!

No mishaps with the kids today - but the day's not over yet......



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