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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Is Baby O "awakle" or "aspeel?"

When you're home all day with a baby, there's a fair amount of downtime. The housekeeper is here today, so she's cleaning, O is sleeping, and I'm screwing around on my computer. This is a transcript of the silliness I get into on IM. Names have been removed to protect the ridiculous (but those of you know know us wil get it...):

AIM IM with VJ-S.
9:19 AM
V: la la
11:30 AM
R: fa la la?
11:45 AM
V: so cute you are
R: i do try. just updated the Tales from the Scale blog
V: ooh the ticker! you are a techno weeny
R: i'm slick. it's super easy. i found about them from the WW group
11:50 AM
V: you are too cute. you get a cute prize
R: ooooh, is it a medal? or a shopping spree? or a monkey?
11:55 AM
V: its... are you ready? ... pocket lint!!!
V: and my mom gets the useless suggestion of the week award
R: oooh, what?
V: photo stamps!
R: heehee
V: for our wedding invites. BARF
R: i kinda wanted to do them. but i refrained. i am going to make my handwriting into a font
V: umm ok. how so? i think photo stamps can be cute, like for you and M, ones with maurice on them
R: that could be cute. anyway about the font:
V: you have a scanner?
R: nope, but i can have the bosses scan it for me
V: nice
R: i'm fairly proud of myself that i worked sweet valley high into last night's late entry
V: i saw that. your blog is funny
R: it is? i'm glad. kids are funny. they make good material
V: yes they do.
R: i'll be able to pick up my cd's from the camera store in a little while. that should be a trip
V: nice. i wonder whats on them
R: drunken christmas party, home renovation, and Maurice
V: so can i ask why a font for you?
R: cause i think it's cool. and i can do my cards, etc... in my own writing
V: fair point soinds like good times
12:10 PM
R: plus, i like my handwriting
V: you have cute handwriting
R: tks ::blushes::
V: maybe i will steal your font and use it on the front of my invitations. since i won't be handwriting that!
R: maybe you will. we'll see how it comes out. brb... time to make some lunch
12:15 PM
V: ok
12:30 PM
R: hey lady
V: you are jealous of my current itune [Beat It, by Michael Jackson]
R: i AM
V: i knew it!
R: i love my current iTune
V: i know i tried to get into it, but it didn't work for me
R: this tune or catherine wheel in general?
V: i think her in general
R: not a her. a band w/male frontman and no women
V: i meant them
R. reference to a firework type which is in turn a reference to a medieval saint
V: i see. good to know
R: the fount of useless knowledge runs clear today
V: you are cute. same prize just more of it
R: i love me the lint. i know
V: i think you are making a hairshirt out of lint. so perhaps a lint shirt
R: actually, i'm spinning lint yarn to knit a poet blouse
V: wow so pretty ..
R: here's my lint shirt.
12:45 PM
R: i think O is awake (i typed awakle before and i kinda like it)
V: i like it too
R: "he awakled to the soft hum of the housecleaner's vaccuum cleaner in the hall"
12:50 PM
V: teehee. i love it. start a new language. we are funny
R: we ARE funny
V: did you and M make reservations for A's wedding yet? i was thinking about doing that this weekend and thought we should coordinate a litte
R: no, i was going to ask you if you & W wanted to get a room there, too
V: get out of my HEAD!
R: no way, dude
V: question.. do we know if A and J are doing anything for the out of town folks? like a friday night party?
R: no idea. but i can ask him. i have NO manners
V: i know you don't. but that works for me. also what should i wear?
R: omg.
V: i think i am going ot get my aria dress hemmed. i just can't figure out to what length
R: i'm thinking my chocolate silk ralph lauren skirt and a black corset/strapless top and sasstastic heels. i have the skirt
just need the corset. and i have whorish shoes
V: b/c you are a whore wanna be
R: trunuff
V: i bet R has something you can borrow . i need new shoes!
R: yeah her size 6 insect feet would yield something for the canoes below my ankles?
V: i need to think about who to appoint car pool captain. it will make me feel better. damn shame J won't live here anymore
R: have fun with that
V: thanks. i want to get them a hat that says i am captain carpool, b/c it sounds funny
R:it IS funny. i won't even pretend to be interested
V: i know you aren't
V: maybe thats how i can ask J. lets try a run through. "hey J .. want a hat that says captain carpool?"
R: as J: are you insane?
V: "yes i am. why do you ask?"
R: as J: of course i don't want a hat that says captain carpool
V: its a shame he isn't seeing this he would laugh
R: as J: but fancypants or jesus might? [that's me and my husband]
R: FancyPants and Jesus G--- cordially invite you to carpool your ass to Worcester, the cesspool of New England, with them...
V: yay
R: except not. btw, went to check on O, and he's still aspeel! oooh, another word like awakle

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