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Thursday, February 02, 2006

My dog is THIIIIIIIIIIIS cute!

Smallville is on, and it's sad... Poor Clark's father died last week, and now John Schneider is out of work. Boo. The Blog was missing recent pictures of our adorable boy, so I thought I'd add a few from a recent film developing excursion. The first one is his best close-up to date. He should be on coffee mugs.
And tee shirts.
And billboards.
As I type, he's prancing around on M's lap, playing with a stuffed squeaker-squirrel that's twice the size of his head. Indescribeable. The game goes as follows. He drags the squirrel up onto the couch, and into M's lap, then he stands on M's knees, and drops the squirrel onto the floor. He stares at it, jumps down to fetch it, and then has to scramble to get back up. Ridiculous....
It's good to be a puppy.



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