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Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday, Monday

OK, so both Go Fug Yourself and You Knit What? are hilarious over the last few days. I highly recommend them. That said, on to the weekend report:

Outlook was grey and rainy at WW, both in weather and spirit, but then Maurice and I got latte at Dunkies and headed for the dog park. We spent a pleasant hour and a half socilaizing with a wide variety of folks, human and canine, and Maurice came out with even more fans than he already had. What a charmer!

Then it was home to get ready for the days adventure: a trip to beautiful downtown .... Chelmsford! ::groan:: Our friend Carolyn's baby shower was held at a restaurant up there, so Andrea and I headed up, laden with adorable gift baskets, to attend. The food was less than spectacular, but there were carafes of sticky white wine, so it was hardly a problem! Carolyn looks great, and speculation as to gender and delivery date were widespread. Where are the Vegas bookies, people?

(oooh, sobfest, Next Lover by James is on my iTunes - wait while I wallow.....)

Saturday night, Mark and I decided to go Vietnamese food hunting. This has been a quest of ours since we moved, put into harsh relief with the closing of Pho Lemon in Cambrige. He doesn't like the chain-y quality of Pho Pasteur, and Da Lat in Worcester is too far away.... and so we search. This time, we traveled the back roads of Natick and Millis to Saigon Restaurant. Though advertising itself as Vietnamese, the menu was basically Chinese with a little lemongrass and rice noodles added to fool the unsuspecting rural population. Too heavy, too oily.... No Mi Huan Tan, no dumplings, no Caffe Phin. Boo. We are crushed.

Sunday dawns raw and chilly. The dog needs to go out, the laundry and dishes are waiting - guess who'll never sleep in again? Maurice and I went into Allston to have brunch with friends, leaving Mark home to ....

(Tone Loc, people.... Wild Thing)

... leaving Mark home to dig up a section of the basement for new lolly columns. Wahoo!

Grocery shopped, changed the sheets, ran a load of laundry, did some dishes, and we watched Wedding Crashers. Must Love Dogs, our Friday night flick, was equivalently mediocre. This is not to say that either movie was a disappointment. We're easier and easier to amuse as the months in Suburbia pass.

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