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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

La vie.... c'est.

I don't feel like I'm doing my job so well today. Wednesdays are a tough day in this borrowed household of mine. E has a half day of school, but J has a full day, so I'm in the car to pick her up, and she's often fairly cranky during the span between her school getting out and J's. Add to that the fact that the baby doesn't get his regular naps, and it's a nightmare....

On top of the built in Wednesday Woe, I'm tired, borderline sick, and my patience is for shit.

Now E feels I was unfair to her about something and is having a snit, and O needs a diaper change. The house is a mess, and I have stuff to get done, and all I want to so is curl up in a ball and cry.

It's been a slightly sad week as well, as the grandfather of a friend passed away on Monday, after a long and somewhat painful decline.

In juicier news, there's some trouble brewing with my family-in-law. When anything definitive happens I'll be sure to post ::wink::

Je suis cranky. Quel tristesse....



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