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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'm Glad It's February 15th

Now, that's not a lie!

Turns out that my happy day came to a prompt end when the kids got home from school. Jack was "too tired" to go to BBall practice - so I didn't get my Whole Foods trip. Boo. Then, he and E pretty much took off their listening ears and bounced around the house until 7 PM, when their unsuspecting parents found me in a spectular rage and on the verge of tears. Mom gave them what for, so they were crying and I, even when I'm mad at them, can't stand to see them cry, so I almost lost it... so I left. Quickly.

I drowned my sorrows in that bottle of bubbly I mentioned yesterday... Saving the half a glass Mark had with our vermicelli chicken piccata. I'm paying for it by feeling mildly like a car wreck this morning.

In happier news, my brother proposed to his girlfriend last night! He's a happy kid right now. So's my niece - even though she's only 2 1/2 and all she knows is that she'll get to wear a pretty dress and go to a big party. Life's so easy when you're two!

In the hope of exhausting the monsters who are inhabiting J&E's bodies, I'm taking them hiking with Maurice at the dog park later today. Please let it work...

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