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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Home Alone

So it's boys night out for my husband tonight. He's out with his pal Pete, drinking in Pete's hometown. More fun than this PugMama can handle. I spent a productive day. Went to WW (good news!), then took Maurice to the dog park for a few hours. We hiked and played and socialized. He's the best little dog!

I focused on the upstairs in today's CleaningFest. Folded weeks of laundry, changed the sheets, vaccuumed, tidied, dusted (which I rarely do), scrubbed the bathroom, put a whole bunch of stuff away that had been cluttering up our bedroom, and put on the ottoman slipcover that my Mom just finished making for me! Yay Mom! The only big project left in this room (flooring aside, of course) is curtains. I've picked the fabric, so now all I have to do is save up the $80 to buy it. It's a steal, for two sets of custom copper dupioni silk drapes, so once again, my Mom will be saving the day with her mad sewing skillz!

I also cleaned the kitchen, and I need to start some laundry tonight, but the house is in better shape than it's been since Christmas, so I feel better already. Phew!

I just caught the cat's refection in the bathroom mirror - which I can see from the bedroom chair - and she's playing in the tub again... I just washed that tub, damnit!

Wait for hot updates tomorrow, when I clean the half-bath downstairs, mop the kitchen floors, and sweep the plywood floors in the LR and DR. For now, I'm signing out while listening to one of my all-time favorite songs, Debauchery by David Gray.




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