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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What Happened on November 2nd, 1996?

I have blogger's block.

There, I said it. I have all these things I want to talk about, and then, as soon as I get started, nothing seems right.

The GMTDP is speeding along - I'm enjoying my new playlists, and practically bathing in nostalgia and memories. In fact, this morning, I found a tape called "The November 2nd Mix" which was made on November 4th, 1996 but I had to have called it Nov. 2nd for a reason... I racked my brain, thinking, "Fall of sophomore year at Midd... " The mix in itself, as you can see, is rawther mopey. So, about whom was I moping in that time frame? Well, then I opened the cassette jacket, and discovered an inscription: For Ed. Oh my....

Well, on Saturday, Nov. 2, 1996, I hooked up with a boy named Ed from Amherst at a party in Pearsons Lounge, and we ended up taking it back to the lounge in Barnes - because my Mom was sleeping in my room (oh, that class?). She was up visiting, but had gone to bed early.... The thing is, I never really talked to that guy again, and it wasn't like I pined after him. The mix is really about the guy I was trying to somehow impress by hooking up with someone else under his nose. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not good at those kinds of games, and as predicted, it backfired, and I was moping about that. Oh, to be 19 and miserable for no real reason!

Fast forward to this morning - nine and a half years later. Mark woke me up because he'd had a nightmare in which I divorced him, and took the puppy. Initially I laughed it off. You know, clearly, that's not going to happen. I'm confident it's not; the thing that struck me was that we're old enough and serious enough about our lives for that to be the subject of night terrors... Heavy.

In closing, my one lasting friendship from The Hotel Pastry Shop has a blog. She's up in the links column under Richenza's Journal.

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