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Monday, February 27, 2006

Other People's Poop (also, MOMP briefly discusses sushi)

Mondays are always an adventure, right? At work this morning, I discovered that J's seventh birthday party was a smashing success, that there was an unsuccessful home invasion here yesterday, and that O, who spent last week recovering from stomach cramps and diarrhea, was constipated. Nice.

Other people's poop. That's my line of work.

As it does, the constipation has passed. Everyone feels better about this. And the credit goes to the fine plum growers whose plums became the prunes that Gerber jars up so nicely! Too much information? You're reading a nanny's blog. What do you want?

Want more good news? My health insurance premiums are NOT going up this year! Hooray.

So, after a brief stint on "a rare blog..." my newly arrived LA friend, R, has his new blog up and running. Please feel free to visit it, Burger of the Month, in the links column, where it has replaced his former blog. All the old stuff can be reached via the new site, I believe. R's pretty savvy, so I feel safe in this assumption.

Nothing more to report from the weekend, save that it's apparently not Aji (sweet horse mackerel - mmmmm) season yet, because we went to Oishii Too in Sudbury, hoping for the Aji sashimi special (the whole Aji, filets removed, sliced, and the sashimi placed delicately back in the body with dabs of wasabi), which is an annual occurrance sometime between VDay and my birthday. We were unlucky. I'm calling first next time, because we like the maki at FuGaKyu Cafe (also in Sudbury) better. Maybe they'd do the Aji if we asked....

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