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Friday, February 24, 2006

I Am A Dumbass

I lost a good fifteen minutes of ranting because I accidentally hit the key to close the window. I am a dumbass.
Happy Friday.

So, instead of a luscious critique of the fitness issues here in MetroWest, you get my latest Mix Reconstructions:

Appropriately Complex - Cam's Edit (1 Jan. 2000): Quite possibly the last tape I ever acquired, this one is from the lovely ladies of Frederick Ave to commemorate the New Year's Party in Lake Placid. It's chill, good for driving four hours on New Year's Day when you were wrecked only a few hours ago... I dropped a few tunes in the reconstruct, but nothing has been added.

Cam & Marc's Patriot's Day Mix (April 1995): Not the Mark I married. The Marc I took to senior prom! A wonderful man, a gifted actor/director, Chicagoan at present.... We made this to send me off into the post graduation blue yonder. I miss him. And I keep missing him when he's in MA.

The December 5th Mix (5 Dec. 1998): Every once in while, you have to turn your dorm room into a cave, huddle under blankets, and survive the long, cold nights by wailing along with your favorite melodramatic tunes. Really. You do. Just ask the Lizes.

Se A Vida E (18 Dec. 1997): A rare treat; as far as I can remember, I was happy when I made this. Just something fresh for the long drive home for the holidays.

Middlebury Senior Week (May 1999): This is a truly evolving mix. It started out very different from the version I present. The original was made by ETM & MBP, it passed through several people, who made slightly personalized versions, then passed it on. This is my take on it.


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