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Thursday, March 02, 2006

He Shall Be "fryPod"

AppleCare and I are best friends 4eva!

Yesterday I had a little incident with my iPod... I plugged it in, and there was a sickening snap, the screen flashed, and it had breathed its last... there was no reviving it, resetting it, restoring it.

I fried my iPod. Yeah.

It's digital soul was gone to wherever good little iPods go... (here I envision a land in reverse coloration, dark silhouettes dancing with little iPods in their silhouetted ears against a sky in primary colors)

So, I made a concierge appointment with my local Genius Bar, and I trucked O and I east along the Esplanade, around the Museum of Science, and into the CambridgeSide Galleria, home of the nearest Apple Store. They checked my power adaptor and firewire cable, then checked the Pod itself. Three minutes later, I was signing the paperwork for the exchange, and leaving with my factory refurbished Pod.

In honor of his fallen comrade, he shall be "fryPod," and he shall be a good Pod, in tradition with the family plan.

Off to register the little guy.



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