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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Anniversary Cake

One year has passed since the wedding. One year. On the one hand, I feel like I should get a t-shirt:
I Survived The First Year of Marriage!

On the other hand, it's been kind of a boring day. We both had work to do; Mark had cabinets to build for a client, I have a wedding cake for next weekend, so I made a vat of custard for the chocolate mousse base (baked the cakes yesterday)... I painted a little more in the DR (*huge* surprise!!!!)... I put some bleeding heart in the ground by our fence in the front yard.... I did a load of laundry....

And we ate the anniversary cake.

Everyone has told us that they didn't like their cake that had been frozen for a year... Maybe they got bad cake? Ours was brilliant! I defrosted it in the fridge for a day, then gave it 25 minutes at room temperature, and it was moist, delicious, and the buttercream was silky and sweet... Food porn, man. We each splurged and had two pieces, and now there are two left for tomorrow night...

Happy Anniversary!


Blogger KidA1977 said...

Happy belated anniversary my dear. I remember that day (and your unbelievable wedding cake) fondly. Wow, that was good cake.

6/12/06, 9:24 AM  

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