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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wealthy Drivers Wanted

Just when I was starting to see my financial situation as something under control and almost enjoyable, my car enters the picture again.

To start, I heart my car. A. Lot. It's a Reflex Silver '03 Jetta Wagon, 1.8T with a "Winter Package" which entitles me to a toasty tush in cold weather, and auto defrosting mirrors (whoop-dee-do, I know, but still, I love it).

I do not, however, heart VW service appointments.

40K miles on the car = $420 in standard service (oil change, tire rotation, realignment, lots of checkpoints, safe car, better gas mileage. I know!)

Plus, this month, I have to have in inspected, and apparently my tires won't pass inspection, so guess what? Got to get new tires!


On the upside, I plan to own this car for a few years after I pay it off, so all this service is an investment, right? Right?

Damn well better be.... ::stumps off, muttering::


Blogger dasein668 said...

Listen CDG/B, you really need to find yourself a good old-fashioned mechanic. Dealerships blow. A. Lot. I could refer you to an excellent one... if you wanted to come to Maine every time...

6/3/06, 9:14 AM  
Blogger CDG said...

yeah, yeah, yeah... last time i had a non VW mechanic work on my green sedan, they used the wrong fluid in my tramsmission, and i had to have it replaced when the car was 3 1/2 years old because of corrosion, then they overinflated my tires, and i had to replace those at 2 years... basically, i'm afraid of mechanics.

6/3/06, 10:56 AM  
Blogger dasein668 said...

My mechanic specializes in German vehicles...

6/6/06, 9:04 AM  
Blogger CDG said...

as your mechanic is 150 miles away, he's not so useful to me... the guy I took the green one to was s'posed to be a BMW, VW, Audi expert.... Not so much, I'm afraid. Paralyzed by the fear....

6/6/06, 9:15 AM  

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