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Monday, May 08, 2006

The Lives We've All Got

My Mother said to me, on Saturday, as we were getting ready to head southwest to Danbury for Ari & Julia's wedding, "You know, I said to your Dad the other day, that your old high school foursome is all married now..." And I had to stop and swallow a spoonful of old. Whoa! So many hours in the middle years of high school I could be found at the Tatnuck Bookseller in Worcester consuming bottomless $1 cups of house coffee and reading/writing bad poetry/dishing/wailing/bitching with my three best friends.. and now we're scattered to the winds, married and living our lives, and I find myself the one who still connects with each of them.

One is a deputy editor for a nifty section of the Wall Street Journal, recently transplanted to Westchester County with her husband. One lives at a Buddhist center in northern California with his husband and a peahen and studies religion, philosophy, language, and raccoon behaviors. You all know my story. Which leaves the fourth, married on Saturday to his college sweetheart and honeymooning before coming home to NYC.

Fun wedding!

There were 6 of us there from our alma mater, 7 if you count the groom, and with spouses, fiance/es, and s.o.'s we filled a table. There was dancing, drinking, cigars, reminiscing, catching up, speculation, and so much goodwill - it makes me happy to know that 11 years later we can all pick up where we left off, without all the bullshit that divided us when we were seventeen, and that, for the most part, the partners we've brought into our lives rounded out the group. Is that rare? It feels like it is. For all I know some of us will go another 11 years before we catch up again, but I still feel like the goodwill I felt on Saturday night will re-emerge.

I did stop to wish that all four of my old foursome had been there, but life sometimes gets in the way. And that's OK; the lives we've all got suit us.

To Ari & Julia, a lifetime of a life that suits you! Mazel Tov!


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