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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hit A Log in the Road

I grew up on a pretty busy street; the kind that looks like a country road, but is driven by locals like it's Formula 1 racing... My dad used to threaten to put split logs in the street to get people to slow down. Obviously he never did, since it would ultimately have led to disaster and destruction - which brings me to The Scale.

My heart is just not in this.

I'm unhappy with my body, I'm out of shape, my triglycerides are too high (though everything else checked out ok!), and I'm never going to be able to handle a vacation in Florida with my stick insect sister-in-law. And yet, I snack. My friend Alta has a website devoted to her weight loss, and it's thrilling to see her success. Can I act on that? I know I can.

But. Will. I?

I found a Couch-to-5K training plan that I can do on the treadmill here at work, and I should really start it today. Instead of blogging. Or knitting. Or eating. And where is that pesky journal again?



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