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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's my birthday today. I'm 29. Yep, 29.

Last night was lovely; Mark and I went to dinner at Aquitaine in the South End. We ran a little late, due to RedSox Nation and the First Night Seder traffic, but it was all fine in the end. Mmmmm.... Warm beet salad with chevre and craime fraiche, filet au poivre with cognac sauce, chocolate mousse with a 20 year tawny port.... And home by 9:30 - not even out late on a school night!

Today has been nice in that many friends have checked in to say happy birthday, and Hallmark has been working overtime sending some very cute ecards from folks, but overall, I hate working on my birthday. (Artisan cheese to go with that finely crafted whine?) O's had a stomach bug since yesterday, and has thrown up no less than five times in 24 hours, twice in his crib, resulting in a MESS. So, that's why yesterday, when the rest of his family departed for Philadelphia for their big family Seder, I stayed home with O until Nana arrived at 4pm, so I could head home to change and drive back into the city for dinner. Originally I was s'posed to be off for the time they were in Philly.... Sad. No time off for me.

Insult to injury the older kids stayed home today after deplaning at Logan, and they NEED. TO. GO. BACK. TO. SCHOOL. Unfortunately for my sanity, their out early tomorrow, and then they're off for the ever-so-useful MA holiday, Patriot's Day. I feel that this holiday is really about the running of the Marathon - and I'm certainly not going down there with these three in tow!

Grump. Grump. Grump.

On the upside, it still my birthday!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy (late) Birthday! I'm just catching up on your blog; I actually had *work* to do at work today!! (for once...)


4/19/06, 4:57 PM  

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