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Friday, March 31, 2006

Chuck E.

I am an insane person.

I willingly strapped myself into the Volvo with J, E, O & J's infamous friend, SB this morning, and headed off to see the famous pizza schilling mouse. No, not Mickey, he sells dreams and long lines and exorbitantly priced admission to theme parks; I mean Chuck E. Cheese!

I managed to squeeze in a few rounds of SkeeBall, and the kids racked up 486 tickets, which were promptly spent on absolute garbage. O toddled around, grinning at all the flashing lights, and pressing all the buttons that lit up - he's such a star. (Of course, he's not napping again today, so that sucks, but you can only have so many good things in a day, I s'pose...) We stayed for more than two hours, and consumed terrible pizza and SB didn't like any of the bad food, and I didn't cry once! I am so brave!

The truth of the matter is that I'm exhausted, crabby, and sick to death of SB, but I'm trying to stay positive. On a random Friday at the end of March, CEC is pretty tame, and the kids all had a good time. Due to the unseasonably gorgeous weather here in Boston this week, I wish we had a proper yard; then I could kick them all outside. Mais alors, non. We only have the street - quiet enough to play on supervised, but if I take them out to play on the street, I can't hear the monitor for the baby's room. Damn the brick construction! And poor Maurice in his Elizabethan collar can't go for dog park romps, so we're SOL on that front, too. Boo.

This weekend I'll be seeing my old friend Al and his fiance in NH - time to taste cake for their wedding, the first of two I'm doing this year. Concord should be nice in this lovely weather. Too bad Mark is too busy to come along... Someday we'll have the time to get away together. ::sigh::


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