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Thursday, March 16, 2006

When knitting, pre-kindergarteners, and the TSA intersect

To provide a backdrop for today, I should mention that I've been trying to save a little of my cash by not spending $3 a day on lattes at Starbucks. That said, today, due to a wormhole on the Pike, I got into to work 20 minutes early, so, "Caffienate Me!!!" I cried!

I go to the same Starbucks all the time, the staff has been pretty consistent over the last year, and the manager prides himself on knowing his regulars. This morning, after standing in line with 15 other people for five minutes, I approach the counter, and the manager grins from the bar, and says, "Mornin', C--. Tall nonfat latte, 1 Splenda? Got it already," and puts my hot latte on the bar. I fork over my $2.78 before taking the drink, ignoring the evil eyes I'm collecting from people actually waiting for their soy mistos, half caff vanilla lattes, and americanos. I am known, people, and this simultaneously amuses and disturbs me.

On to the intersection mentioned in the title.

Yesterday I went to Windsor Button and bought me all the needles and whatnots for my hat and mittens adventure. I already told you that. Well, I caved and started the hat. One day off from the afghan, now I'm back on the wagon. I promise. But, oh! The excitement! The thrills! I cast on to dpns!!! (Knitting jargon, please ignore if you don't knit). First time ever using them, and it was great. I felt like a natural. I did the ribbing, and added a stripe into the stockinette when I knitted it onto the one-size-larger circulars to finish the body. So, there I am knitting away, when E says, "How come you're using those wooden kind for the hat?" (Note: my afghan is also on circular needles, but it's on Susan Bates aluminum ones in shocking pink! E likes them) When I mentioned that it was easier to take the wooden ones on the plane, she nodded sagely and said, "Make sure you wear your slip-on shoes, too, in case you have to take them off. I always do."

Out of the mouths of babes, no?

I'm leavin' on a jet plane, for Cleveland, in two days! JZ, here I come!

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