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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Baby Yuppies and Alpaca Scarves

VJ-S once told me I should post all of my knitting on my blog, and now (if she's still reading) she hates me! I wore my fabulous Innaugural Project (you can catch a reference to it here) today. I made this scarf in October, from Reynolds "Blizzard" in color # 661, it's a 65% alpaca/35% acrylic blend. It's yummy, right? Soft and fuzzy, not scratchy, warm as all get-out! It's just cast on 15 stitches and garter stitch for a million feet. Ok, so really it was about 8 feet when I knit it up, but it stretches to almost 10 feet. Insane! I did it on big, chunky (size 11?) beginner needles, but since I bought the yarn on Newbury Street, it cost a gazillion dollars. No more of that! I am a Windsor Button Girl! In fact, I may go there today. I need me some circular needles and yarn needles, and because I'm a little yarn whore, I'll probably buy some yarn, too...

O practiced being a tiny yuppy today. His preferred toys this morning were a rinsed out Starbucks cup and a defunct cell phone - now discarded in favor of a nap. I managed to get a picture with the cup, but he kept dropping the cell phone and reaching for the camera ("Oooooh! Shiny!) Silly baby. At least I got one that only shows his profile so I can post it. had some image loading issues today. Not psyched about that, since I have all these fabulous pictures... I finally had to host them on my long ignored online storage facility link to them. Poo. I'll try to get them up on the page soon.

6:30 PM: So, as you can see I got two of the images up, and in the process broke the links to the other two. Just can't win ::sigh:: today.... Will try again later.
8:45 PM: Did try again, with more success. Enjoy!

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Blogger Liz said... is the gray blanket the *malabrigo*?


My blog shows *malabrigo* in the color called Little lovely. You made me touch it again to read the tag! I swooned again and everything!

I'm still new and lame enough at blogging that I cannot figure out how to reply to an emailed comment other than by commenting on a blog. *sigh*

Thanks for visiting and commenting!

The MBTA completely sucks some days, doesn't it? Not enough to abandon it totally, but enough to really make a person wonder what the hell she has to do to get to work in less than 3 hours.
(shudders at memory)

3/14/06, 9:04 PM  

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