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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Five Things About Cleveland And A Hat

In the spirit of being the best houseguest EVER, I came down with a monstrous cold at J's house. Yesterday was spent recovering in the comfort of my bed and my couch, complete with late afternoon Jane Austenian fever-break. Tres dramatic.
Here are five belated observations about the greater Cleveland area:

1: Ohio has concealed carry laws. Guns. Carrying concealed weapons is LEGAL there.
2: Managers in fast food restaurants check on the diners (ie: "how is everything, ladies?")
3: The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is in a RED STATE.
4: I-90 is toll free!!!!
5: Property values are SO low. It makes me almost want to live there.

I finished my hat on the plane out there, and then didn't like the size, so frogged the top and finished it again. Now I'm totally happy with it! Yay. I've frogged the scarf three times. I want a skinny scarf, but I don't like the look of the basketweave with my yarn, so maybe wide ribs? I'm thinking about it...
Still recovering from my cold, but I'm hoping I'll be OK enough for my trip to IKEA tomorrow with my Mom.

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Anonymous laura said...

Carrying concealed weaponms is legal in MA, too, as long as you have a license for it. hence, the gun waving incident at my wedding rehearsal...

3/23/06, 4:31 PM  
Blogger CDG said...

I should have been more clear in my distinction, since, Laura, you're absolutely correct. What flabbergasts me about OH in relation to MA, is that police cannot limit CCWs at their discretion in public places, which they can in MA, "training" is minimally defined/required, and a CCW permit must be issued to anyone who applies and meets requirements for possession. The laws are much more pro-gun in OH.

3/24/06, 7:43 AM  

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