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Friday, March 17, 2006


I feel like a fool... A naive, green girl in a world of women...

I paid $8.79 for pasta and sauce last night.

This all begins with a lack of organization and forethought and ends with me running into a certain neighborhood grocery here in Beacon Hill to grab some pasta and a jar of sauce for our dinner last night. Silly me. Now, I know there's going to be a price hike due to the small retailer and the neighborhood in question, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make under these circumstances. So, I go in and grab a box of orechiette and a jar of chianti and mushroom sauce. In Framingham, I can get a pound of dry pasta for $0.69-1.69, with orechiette falling towards the high end, so I thought I knew what I was getting into. Did I look at the price tag? No. Our usual Newman's Own sauce runs about $2.49 a jar, and some of the pricier brands are as much as $4.49, so once again I figured I knew what I was getting into. Did I look at the price tag? No.

The cashier rang up my pasta: $2.29!!
The cashier rang up my sauce: $6.39!!!

Tax= (yes, tax on groceries!)$0.11!!!!

I was too flabbergasted to react then and there - which ultimately saved me much embarrassment, but I have been stewing on this ever since. I should have gone to the Stop&Shop.

Penne at S&S: $0.89
Newman's Cab Marinara: $2.29
No tax at the grocery store....

Dinner = $3.18

Peace of mind: Friggin' Priceless!

What really bothered me? That after buying dinner last night, I didn't have enough money for a latte this morning.
I'm pathetic.

In KnittingLand, I frogged my scarf, and started over, adding a ribbed end and a stripe, in order to better coordinate with the hat. I should be all set for the trip to Cleveland in the morning!


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