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Monday, March 27, 2006

Oh, How I Have Been Ill!! and other Miscellany

I sincerely tried to write this into a stirring Early American Ballad (who's been watching The Carter Family on PBS?, but I just don't have it in me right now.

I've been miserably sick since Sunday, with the worst of it on Tuesday and Wednesday, and lingering symptoms and malaise trainling me into Boston this morning. Sick sucks, and I'm particularly bad about it. There were a few years where I had an Immune System of Steel, but I think that that was when I was working out four times a week, watching my eating habits, and otherwise behaving like I was invinvcible and immortal. Who would have thought that staying out late on weeknights and drinking too much was a great way to stay healthy?

But now, I'm on the mend, sleeping without the assistance of CVS brand generic NyQuil, down to five or six tissues as opposed to half a box a day...

Our friends Odin and Nikki were in town this past weekend, with their dog, Scout. We had a delicious dinner - I outdid myself! Roast beef tenderloin, marinated all day in EVOO, balsamic, and a secret garlic/herb blend... Skin-on mashed potatoes with a Vermouth, shallot, garlic and horseradish reduction, made with plenty of butter and milk... and brown sugar glazed baby carrots. Oh, and homemade, double cream, espresso ice cream profiteroles. I am a dinner party goddess! The only thing missing was the presence of our friends L&T, who had another social engagement that night. We missed you!

Maurice went in to be neutered on Friday, so he's sporting a smart elizabethan collar to keep him from chewing at his stitches. He's pretty pathetic, and yet, pretty funny! Stitches come out next week... By then he should back to his old naughty self.

Today marks the first day of the second week of spring break for the monkeys, so I'm home with them for the week, and longing for next week, when I'll be back to my regular routing with O. Wish me luck!


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