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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I Sum Up

I am a bad, neglectful blogger. I am. I've just been so damned busy. Really. So, in the immortal words of Inigo Montoya, "I sum up."

When last I blogged (excuse me!), I had changed the name on my driver's license.... I think I wrote that on Wednesday....

4/06: Worked, played at VJ-S's house for a few hours. Downloaded much Sufjan Stevens.
4/07: Ah, yes, the vortex into which my life was sucked. I agreed to take in the famous SB for the day again, and he joined our merry party around 10:30 AM (do these kids EVER have school?). We departed shortly thereafter for Callahan State Park, Maurice in tow. We took him hiking, he went swimming, and we all went back to my house to drop hime off. Then I took the gaggle of children to McDonald's for food that will kill them. They behaved like Wild Things, I screamed like a harpy, and we all left. Owen slept at home for a few hours, and I packed in a frenzy. We all departed, SB in tow, for Chestnut Hill, where we were to rendez vous with SB's somewhat flaky dad. Guess what? He was late. This puched back our departure time for Amherst, which in turn put us in Friday afternoon rush hour traffic, going westbound on the Pike. Yeah. Buckets. Of. Fun. I got home from Amherst at 9PM, and collapsed.
4/08: Shopping with Mom. In a marathon 7 hour expedition in the wilds of Natick, my mother bought me a spring wardrobe for my birthday. How much does she rule? So much!
4/09: Happy Birthday Yseult! Mark and I tackled our long-neglected lawn, resulting in 14 bags of lawn detritus, which we piled into the trailer and brought to the town compost center, after going to the Transfer Station to get a permit. Whoohoo, we have a dump sticker! We really live here. Oh! and we plotted out the deck, and Mark started digging holes for footings. We have a granite slab in our backyard. Nice.
4/10: Back to work. Nothing special to note.
4/11: Today! Started a "couch to 5K" training program on the treadmill. Am a little weary. Got my license! I can now be carded on my 29th birthday, which is Thursday, two days from now, on the 13th.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, since I'm only working a half day due to the first night of Passover. Time for me to get some stuff done, and Mark's taking me out to dinner at Aquitaine in the South End. Yay!

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